We are Medicas Hospital

Healing Hands and Kind Hearts ….our personalized nursing and medical care philosophy that drives our in-patient care service

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We are Medicas Hospital

We help train the next generation of health care professionals through hands-on, clinical experience

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We are Medicas

A place of healing….every patient feels the best effort has been made towards his/her care

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We are Medicas

A safe and caring environment for the elderly and convalescing in our community

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Welcome to Medicas Hospital, Mampong-Akuapem!

Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. A good health care system must not focus only on the physical well-being but ensure that the mental and social needs of all users are met. This is an arduous task for developed and developing countries alike.

Ghana has made significant strides in the health sector since independence. Average life expectancy is now 60 years - compared with 45 years in 1957; Infant Mortality Rate has dropped from 77 per 1,000 live births in 1983 to 50 per 1,000 live births in 2008. Despite these gains, there are a myriad of bedevilments to the health sector: (1) shortage of health facilities, (2) inadequate medical equipment, (3) poor working conditions, (4) inadequate training and educational facilities, (5) poor remuneration of health care workers, (6) poor attitude of health workers and (7) delays in the delivery of services at health facilities.

When I took over operations of Bryan Lowe Orthopaedic Hospital through a long-term lease agreement in November of 2015, my vision was to develop and maintain Medicas Hospital an efficient, responsive, preventive and curative health care provider in Ghana and West-Africa. At Medicas Hospital, we want to establish a place of healing; a place where every patient believes the best effort has been made to make him or her better. Our motto "Healing Hands, Kind Hearts" is not written down to be recited but we actually practice it in our daily work lives.

Someday, I shall retire from formal work as a doctor. It is my hope that when that time comes, I leave behind a health care institution that truly cares about the people who walk through its doors. Come and visit us in Akuapem.

Dr Yaw Osafo Medical Director & CEO
Dr Yaw Osafo Medical Director & CEO


To develop and maintain Medicas Hospital as an efficient, responsive, preventive and curative health care provider in Ghana and West Africa.


1. Establish an integrated multidisciplinary health care service providing the best possible care under "one-roof."
2. Continuously upgrade and expand medical and dental equipment to ensure the delivery of quality and efficient health care services.


For Medicas Hospital to realize its vision as a corporate entity, the following values must be maintained throughout the hierarchy of the organization:

Purity - our work in delivering health care to clients should be without blemish.
Loyalty - faithfully serving Medicas Hospital as well as our patients and their families during their most vulnerable times.
Integrity - doing what is right always, even when no-one is looking.

Our Commitment

Medicas Hospital’s mission is to be pursued through a commitment to stakeholders as follows:

Clients - all who utilize our services should believe that the best efforts have been made to make them better.
Shareholders - to conduct the company’s business in the most efficient and profitable manner.
Employees - to recruit and retain highly skilled, qualified and dedicated staff through the establishment of a meritocracy and continuous improvement of the working environment.
Community - to initiate and support projects and activities that particularly benefit the marginalized or less privileged in our society.

Background History

In 2002, Bryan Oswald Lowe commissioned a hospital project in Mampong – Akuapem, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Bryan Lowe was an African – American seeking his roots in Ghana since the 80's.

He found a welcoming home in Akuapem. His passion and love for the disabled and marginalized in society drove him to commission an orthopaedic and general hospital. The hospital opened its doors to clients for the first time in 2005 under the name Kunta Kinte Orthopaedic Hospital. In 2008, as a privately – run hospital, it joined the government – run National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Sadly, in September 2009, Bryan Oswald Lowe died after a short illness at the ripe age of 88 years. He left the hospital to his son Greg Alexander to manage as Chief Executive Officer.

The Hospital’s name was changed to honour the man whose passion, sweat and toil built it. Bryan Lowe Orthopaedic & General Hospital (BLOH) became the new name. Greg Alexander lived in the USA and managing from afar proved difficult. Soon with the mounting debt of unpaid NHIS claims, Greg was faced with a challenge of keeping a promise made to his father – not to close the facility. In July 2015, the shareholders of Bryan Lowe Orthopaedic Hospital decided to lease the facility on a long-term basis.

Medicas Hospital became the new name after Dr. Yaw Osafo leased the facility. The lease came into effect on 1st November 2015.

Our Management Team

We have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced health and non-health professionals
to ensure an attainment of the bold vision we have set for this enterprise
Meet our awesome team.

Our Services

Here at Medicas we have a multidisciplinary approach to health care delivery.
A one-stop medical practice under a trusted brand. View our special services here.

General Practice

General Practice - your trusted family hospital.

Clinic Days: Open All Week
Times: 7am - 7pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Obs & Gynae Services

Obs & Gynae Unit - promoting women's health with our one-stop reproductive health unit

Clinic Days: Monday – Saturday
Times: 7:30am - 3pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Diet-Therapy Services

Diet-Therapy Unit - we use food to promote wellness and preventative health

Clinic Days: Mondays -Fridays
Times: 9am - 4pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Orthopeadics Services

Orthopeadics Unit - bone and joint diseases are our speciality.

Clinic Days: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Times: 10am - 3pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Endocrine Services

Endocrine Unit - our hormone disease clinic provides care for many under-diagnosed diseases.

Clinic Days: Mondays - Fridays
Times: 8am - 5pm
Call: +233 501-477-340

Our Special Services

Medicas has specilialist skills in the following services.

Dental Service

Dental Unit - a new and modern dental service is open to the public.

Clinic Days: Monday - Friday
Times: 9am - 4pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Endoscopy Services

Endoscopy Unit - we have bolstered our diagnostic and interventional capability with an endoscopy service

Open Days: Monday – Saturday except Wednesday
Times: 9am - 4pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Care Home Services

Care Home - a safe and caring place for the elderly and convalescing in Ghana just opened.

Open Days: Open All Week
Times: 24hrs
Call: +233 501-477-343

Gym/Spa/Physiotherapy Services

Gym/Spa/Physiotherapy - to promote wellness, a new gym with a pool and spa unit has been opened

Open Days: Open All Week
Times: 5am - 8pm
Call: +233 501-477-343

Mortuary & Funeral Home Services

Mortuary & Funeral Home Service - we preserve the dignity of the dead on their final journey.

Open Days: Open All Week
Times: 24hrs
Call: +233 501-477-343

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